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With features like the 4-Position Switch, Voice Activated Recording and Internal Recharge, the 488 allows hard working professionals to generate large quantities of dictation. Better still, the 488 makes it easy for everyone to work smarter. Its special End-of-Letter Index tone helps your administrator to transcribe your documents more efficiently. By adding a distinctive tone, it's easy to identify the start of each new piece of work, as well as the total number of documents, thus speeding up the transfer of speech-to-text.

Product Highlights

Sensitivity Switch for conference or close-range recording

Internal Recharge option enables batteries to be replenished during use

Voice Activated Recording for hands-free dictation

Fast access to any part of the tape with Turbo Wind

Monitor Fast Forward and Rewind with Audible Scan

4-Position Switch for single-handed operation

Fast Erase enables swift deletion of confidential recordings

Transport Lock avoids unintentional operation

Visual Indicator/LED shows record status and low battery

Audible End-of-Tape and Low Battery warning to avoid dictation loss

Record Protection saves valuable dictation

Adjust playback/recording volume with Volume Control

Automatic Gain Control adjusts to optimum recording level


Audio output: 100 mW
Battery type: 2x AA Batteries
External power supply: Available
Media type: Mini Cassette
Mic jack: Yes
Recording modes: Acoustic Frequency Response: 400-4,000 Hz
What's in the box: Philips 488 Mini Tape Recorder, 30 minute 005 mini cassette tape, 2 x AA batteries, wrist strap pouch, lapel microphone
$559.00 exc GST

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