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Q: What should I look for in a Professional Recorder?

A pro dictation recorder is a tool for professionals to reduce their admin workload by passing on the typing duties to an assistant. Important features:

1. Slide-control: the Digital Pocket Memo 9500 & 9600 both use the traditional slide control for record/stop/play/rewind. Both machines also have a fast-forward button on the opposite side of the device, as such all important functions can be controlled by the thumb and forefinger.

 2. Cradle/docking station: a handy way of pairing the device with the PC and recharging the batteries. Each time the device is docked new dictation files are automatically downloaded and can be emailed to the typist.

3. Automatic emailing: depending on how you configure the software new dictations can be automatically sent to the typist just by placing the recorder in the docking station. This suits many medical and legal professionals wishing to reduce down-time to a minimum

4. Automatic file back-up: many authors have their software configured so that dictations are automatically deleted from the recorder once it is put back in the cradle. This is not as scary as it sounds as all dictations are automatically backed-up in an archive folder either on the PC or the server



Q: Why buy a recorder when you could just use a mobile phone or an MP3 player?

A: The most logical analogy is the mobile phone vs. the digital camera: you can take photos on a phone but would you use one for your wedding photos? A digital voice recorder, like a digital camera, does one thing and does it well. Buttons are logically positioned, the microphone sensitivity and recording quality is adjustable and recordings can be downloaded easily without the need for proprietary software.

The fantastic new iPod Nano now has a voice recorder function. Handy for the quick reminder but a bit limiting for lecture or meeting recording. Why? The Nano has one recording quality setting: 44.1 kHz, a sampling rate usually reserved for recording music, which means an hour of recording is about 60MB – not ideal for emailing or transcription (typing-up).

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